Earth Care Congregation

Becoming An Earth Care Congregation   

In 2010, First Presbyterian Church helped organize electronic waste recycling with Southeast Recycled Fiber and Sunshine Recycling Services. In the fall, as part of America Recycles Day, and in the spring, as part of Earth Day, our church youth helped unload cars, take surveys, and distribute educational literature. In 2011, 75 tons of electronic waste was recycled in Jackson-Madison County and surrounding counties. We were "Going Green for God" with our vendors. This was truly a community event where we partnered with several organizations, including the City of Jackson’s Councilman Earnest Brooks, Health and Sanitation Department, and Keep Jackson Beautiful; Delta Sigma Theta; Masons 72 Lodge; Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation; Union University; and University of Tennessee at Martin. Then in 2013 the City of Jackson, in partnership with Jackson Waste Management, took charge of the electronic recycling events along with the hazardous waste collection: our work was done!

In 2012 we started the "Pound per pound program" with Southeast Recycled Fiber, a program started by owner Rad Ellington. All the church’s paper products were recycled. Individuals also took their paper recyclables to the plant. Mr. Ellington matched the monies raised through our recycling and gifted them to various charities. Every pound of recyclables that was taken to his plant thus was a double gift.

In August 2014, Keith Wilson purchased Southeast Recycled Fiber and renamed it "All Fiber and Scrap." He continued the "Pound per Pound program. Keith Wilson's calling card bears this scripture: Proverbs 11:28. AFS is located at 532 Mobile Street, Tel. (731) 423-9632, We continued the same arrangement we had with Rad Ellington.

In 2015, under the leadership of Associate Pastor Sharon Junn, our church decided to increase its environmental efforts and to make them more meaningful and Christ-centered by joining the PCUSA program called Earth Care Congregation. By doing this, First Presbyterian Church demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship and its encouragement of a healthy use of physical resources both at church and in the community. Our efforts involve long-range property planning and maintenance, such as increasing the efficiency of our HVAC system, using energy-efficient light bulbs, changing thermostat settings, and using environment-friendly materials and technologies. We have also transitioned to electronic delivery of church materials, reduced the use of paper products, limited the use of disposable cutlery, cups, and plates. The church office and kitchen recycle their used products. Thanks to an initiative from our Middle School aged youth in 2016, we are now buying Equal Exchange Coffee as a mission project aimed at helping coffee farmers educate themselves and their children to promote peace and justice in a better world. In 2016, the first Day By Day first community garden partnered with our church to grow green beans, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage, tomatoes, corn, and green peppers. The garden produced enough to give vegetables to Jackson's Soup Kitchen for five weeks, to First Presbyterian Church and Day by Day clients for one week. We are taking baby steps and growing fast.

A big part of our commitment to being an Earth Care Congregation is educating ourselves, our children and youth, and the community through events and our webpage.  Environmental Stewardship is a circular process; every time you take from the earth, give back to the earth. You know the key phrase: "reduce, recycle, renew, and reuse." Becoming a better earth steward takes a little practice, but everyone can do it! The first thing to know about recycling is the difference between renewable and non-renewable resources. Everyday we use both: cotton, wood, bamboo, and agricultural products are renewable, while petroleum, iron ore, tin, or aluminum, are not. Renewable resources have a natural life cycle; non-renewable resources have a man-made life cycle.

 Recycling at Church                                                                                  

Place loose paper and cardboard products in the designated bin located indoor at the rear of Fellowship Hall, close to the north door. Recycle only clean paper. No used tissues, napkins, pizza boxes, etc.).  If you bring large quantities of paper and cardboard products, please bag them and drop them off in the large bin located outside of Fellowship Hall, between the two rear doors. Large cardboard boxes should be flattened, but do not need to be bagged.
Place plastic and metal products in the designated bin located indoor at the rear of Fellowship Hall, close to the north door. Please wash all plastic, metal, and aluminum products. Items do not need to be bagged.
Aluminum cans have their own designated bin located indoor at the rear of Fellowship Hall, close to the north door. Please rinse all items before dropping them off. Items do not need to be bagged. They are recycled by the youth who are using them as a fundraiser.
Bring your gently used, but clean Kroger or other brand plastic grocery bags and drop them in a bin located indoor at the rear of Fellowship Hall, against the north wall. This is a Service Committee project that helps RIFA's Soup Kitchen project.

We do not accept Styrofoam products or any other recyclable products at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

 Annual Community Recycling Events
Consult your local media for specific locations, collection times, items collected, and local initiatives. We will also advertise in the monthly Church Newsletter and weekly Bulletins. These events are held downtown Jackson, close to the Farmer's Market.

                             • America Recycles Day – Annually, on or around November 15

An event that encourages learning, acting, and sharing about recycling practices and technologies, it has raised the U.S. national recycling rate to 34.5%.

                             • Earth Day – Annually, on or around April 22

First celebrated in 1970, this event is held to promote environmental awareness and to call for the protection of our planet. It is celebrated in more than 193 countries each year. Traditional activities include planting trees and picking up roadside trash. Jackson holds an Electronic recycling event besides.

 The "Pound per Pound” Program  with AFS                                             

1. Sort your recyclables (paper, all kinds; plastics; all kinds; metal) in large plastic bags.
2. Take them to the AFS plant at 532 Mobile Street.  Click here for driving directions.
3. Weekdays mornings are open (7:30 AM til 2:30 PM). Call 731-423-9362 for operation hours.
4. Stop on the scale and tell the attendant “First Presbyterian Church account”.
5. Drive around, drop your bags, get back on the scale, and wait for the attendant to give you your weigh slip. Paper products get dropped inside the large gated area; plastic and metal products get dropped at the rear garage.
6. Our church continues to receive some monies for materials taken to the plant. These monies go  towards the archival preservation of our church's historical     documents.

 For Your Other Recycling Needs  
Jackson Madison County Health Dept. Solid Waste Convenience Centers:
(All sites close at 5:00 PM in Nov., Dec., and Jan. Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day)

Sunday – 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM; Monday-Saturday 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Pipkin Road & Overpass View             664-5015
1916 Highway 70 East                         424-6188  Accepts old tires  Latex paint on Saturdays only
111 Smith Lane                                    424-7522  
130 H.O. Forgy Drive                           422-2746 
3242 Highway 45 South                      424-6058 Accepts old tires
95 Passmore Lane                               668-8990 
199 Oakfield Road                               935-7805
31 Bowman-Collins Road, Medon       423-1970

Curbside Services: Sunrise Recycling
83 McDaniel Dr.   298-4683

Green Metals Inc.       1759 Dr. F.E. Wright Drive (731) 427-7630
Doxicom Recycling     166 N Canalco Dr. (731) 736-1291
Gerdau Ameristeel      801 Gerdau DR (731) 423-0194
Hutcherson Metals      101 H O Forgy Dr  (731) 427-6412
Dale’s Recycling         2011 Ameristeel    664-9091

Tech Recycling
Office Depot, Sam’s Club & Best Buy

 Some Fun Memories....

2010 America Recycles Day

     2010 America Recycles Day E-Recycling                                Earth Day 2012                                       Earth Day 2011
                                                                                            "The FPC crew takes a well-deserved break"


Local Recycling Centers 



Grand Opening of the AFS Plant – From Left to Right, three of our partners: Kathleen Huneycutt (City of Jackson, Director of Health and Sanitation), Season Witherspoon (Principal Administrative Assistant, AFS), Tammy Buchanan (FPC member, Stewardship Committee co-chair, member, Keep Jackson Beautiful Commission)




         Weighing in at the Grand Opening              John White & Keith Wilson, AFS








          Amie & Marcus Chandler, Owners of Sunrise Recycling Services

Educational Resources

Earth 911 Tennessee Pollution Partners
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Tennessee Recycling Coalition
Earth Day
America Recycles Day
Keep Jackson Beautiful
Keep America Beautiful
US Environmental Protection Agency
Student Conservation Association
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Paper, Plastic and More!
Home Advisor (ideas for recycling at home)
Apartment and Condo Composting 
Environmental Working Group

 Did You Know. . .                                                                

How the world recycles. . .

• Europe:

What about those hazardous materials. . .

• small amounts of latex paint can be dried until solid and thrown away in the regular garbage
• alkaline batteries no longer contain mercury and can be put in the regular trash
• keep wastes in original containers
• do not mix chemicals

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