Adult Sunday School Classes

Swaim Bible Class: Richard Swaim (Memorial Hall)
Led by Richard Swaim, this class uses a lecture-style, Biblical exegesis format. This class is an in-depth study of the Bible, using no quarterly literature.
Comments and questions are encouraged.

Directions Class: Steve Bowers, Jim Campbell (Memorial Hall)
Steve writes, "Each day our lives seem filled with activity, but what is our direction?" This class turns to Scripture to provide a direction for living.

Foundations Class: Dr. Charles Mayo (Gym/Education Building)
Topics for study and discussion are chosen by Dr. Mayo from suggestions made by the class at the beginning of the year. Lively discussion is a part of each class session.

Connections Class: John White (Gym/Education Building)
Come make some connections in the brand new CONNECTIONS Class! The class will be led by John White, and will explore the connective relationships we have with God, Jesus Christ, our Church family, and our human families. Each week the focus of the class will parallel the focus of the sermon, enabling participants to better make those connections between scripture and life. The point is for us to learn about Jesus in the context of the connections we have in life, and to learn from, and encourage, each other. While all are certainly welcome to attend, the class will be primarily geared for those age 40 and under.

Faithfulness Class: Jan Crossett (Gym/Education Building)
Class members participate in Bible study and discussion covering topics selected by the class. This fall we will start with Paul's letter to the Philippians.

Seekers Class: Ty Cowles, Tiffany Campbell, Jim McKissack (Gym/Education Building)
This class will explore the Bible to learn more about our Triune God and how He relates to his people. With this understanding, we hope that each class participant will become more aware of God's presence in the world around them and be inspired to grow closer to Him.

Fellowship Class:  Nelda Evans, Linda Butler, facilitators (Gym/Education Building)
Following the theme of "Spiritual Growth" this class is led by volunteers from the class and a variety of guests. Topics of study vary throughout the year and include 4-6 week sessions using books and video series.

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