Earth Care Congregation

Protecting our Environment

Earth Care Congregation was started in 2010 when First Presbyterian Church helped organize electronic waste recycling with Southeast Recycled Fiber and Sunshine Recycling Services. In 2015, the church decided to increase its environmental efforts and make them more Christ-centered by joining the PCUSA program called Earth Care Congregation. The church office and kitchen recycle all their used products. We have also transitioned to electronic delivery of church materials and limited the use of disposable cutlery, cups, and plates. The church purchases fair trade certified coffee and partners with a community garden to grow vegetables to provide to Jackson’s Soup Kitchen.


Recycling Update:
We will no longer be collecting plastic bottles for recycling at church. We will continue to collect paper, cardboard, tin cans, and aluminum cans in the blue containers at the back of the dining hall. Additionally, there is a container for paper and cardboard outside. To support our ECC efforts, please refrain from using disposable plastic water bottles at events at church. We encourage all members to use the glassware or recyclable cups and your own personal refillable water bottles. Thanks so much for all your efforts to be good stewards of our environment.

There are recycling cans in the back of the dining hall. There are 4 cans that are labeled on top with the items that should be deposited in each. We have a larger bin outside for paper and big cardboard items. Please break down or flatten the boxes so that the container can be used efficiently. The cans are for the following:

Cardboard—smaller items like food boxes. They can go outside as well.
Paper—Please empty the used cups before depositing in the can.
Aluminum Cans—Empty the cans before depositing.
Tin Cans—Please remove the labels and rinse the cans.

Thanks so much for all your efforts to be good stewards of our environment!

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