The Schantz Organ

The Schantz organ is the fourth organ built for the First Presbyterian Church. The first was built and installed by Levi U. Stuart of New York. This instrument was probably of modest size, built sometime after 1845, and was the only Stuart organ for a Tennessee church. The next organ was built in 1912 by Henry Pilcher and Sons and was an instrument of 19 ranks with two manuals and pedal. In 1972, the Wicks Organ Company of Highland Illinois built and installed an organ of 21 ranks with two manuals and pedal. In January of 2001, the Schantz Organ Company of Orville, Ohio built and installed a new instrument of 56 ranks with three manuals and pedal. 

The Schantz organ is a benchmark in the long musical tradition of First Presbyterian Church and will be an instrument that will foster the musical and spiritual growth of generations to come

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