The Chevy Chase Arboretum

The Chevy Chase Arboretum at First Presbyterian Church is the name of the former estate, reflected on the entrance pilasters and is the name of the now surrounding neighborhood.  The arboretum is located in the midtown area of Jackson, Tennessee. The site encompasses 9.5 acres. The property faces East to West. The East entrance point is Highland Ave. The West entrance point is Coatsland Drive. Categorized as a Nature Trail/Garden Arboretum, the site meets criteria for a Level 1 Arboretum (a minimum of 30 trees). Trees included in the arboretum demonstrate a variety of species and maturity. As an outdoor classroom, the site is open to the public and the tour is self-guided. The site consists of a flat topography, with a spacious lawn, some grassy and slightly wooded areas. The site is manicured, beautified and improved through building, land and tree care by the Property Committee. The main driveway provides accessible viewing to arboretum points of interest. Trees included in the arboretum are visibly marked with a plaque. In an effort to provide a public place for education and aesthetic beauty, please help keep the First Presbyterian Church site litter-free.


In November 2006, First Presbyterian Church Members volunteered to inventory the existing trees, develop a planting plan for the grounds and create a tree succession plan. These church members affiliated with such groups as Keep Jackson Beautiful (Affiliate of Keep America Beautiful), the University of Tennessee- Jackson Extension Office, and Master Gardener program also discovered common friendship and unity in their interest in environmental stewardship. In conjunction with the Property Committee, the grounds have been inventoried for the existing trees and a tree succession plan (TSP) has been established to anticipate the long term tree replacement and maintenance plan. The planting plan includes use of the entire campus, aiming to keep the middle ground a green space and the treescape along the periphery of the property. Goals of the TSP include: A healthy, sustainable and ecologically-appropriate tree community is planned that incorporates an economically feasible and practical maintenance plan. To the extent possible, native species will be included while maintaining the aesthetic qualities of the grounds.


The Property Committee is responsible for the care and development of the real property. Advice and oversight in the maintenance and development of the property includes the Chevy Chase Arboretum at First Presbyterian Church. The arboretum architecture and landscape design responds to the cultural traditions and natural forces rooted within Jackson, Tennessee’s environment, its people, climate, and resources. Designs for the arboretum emphasize cultivated collections, stewardship (educational and resources), demonstration of environmentally responsible landscape design and restoration of degraded landscapes. The arboretum is uniquely located within the city among church property and creates a harmonious composition of elements along the human/nature continuum, from the most clearly human-controlled zones that border the site along the Highland Ave. Skyline Dr., and Coatsland Dr. to the nature-controlled demonstrations of natural systems among the 9.5 acres of site property. Development within the arboretum is grounded in exemplary practices of stewardship, conservation, and, where appropriate, preservation. The arboretum is designed to enhance and contribute to the stewardship, educational and outreach missions of the First Presbyterian Church.


The Chevy Chase Arboretum at First Presbyterian Church is a peaceful welcoming area that beckons visitors to walk among azaleas, trees, other shrubs and ground cover, along with the sound of birds singing. All of the seasons share most beautiful sites; trees flower in spring, large trees give a grand feeling and the refuge of shade in summer, the leaves are painted with glorious color in fall and the dormant trees of winter build our faith and hope for those things yet unseen. Trees included in the arboretum are easily identified with a 5 x 8 plaque.

How can I contribute to the Chevy Chase Arboretum at First Presbyterian Church?

Gifts to the arboretum may be made any time of year specifically for trees, other plants, or for the upkeep of the arboretum. Gifts may be given in honor or in memory of special people, or special events. A certificate will be given to note a monetary donation made, a tree planted or the placement of a bench. While gifts may be celebrated all year, trees will be planted one time a year, according to the discretion of the property committee.

Plant a Tree:
Contact the church office.

Give a Monetary Donation:
Checks should be designated Chevy Chase Arboretum and mailed to:
First Presbyterian Church
1573 North Highland Ave.
Jackson, TN 38301

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