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Our new study, “Advent Conspiracy” starts on Wednesday, November 11.

Too often the season of Advent becomes a time of stress and frenzy, with endless ‘to-do’ lists and ‘to-buy’ lists and it’s easy to lose our focus on God’s intention for us this time of year. Click here to learn more about the Advent Conspiracy.

Click here for more resources about the Advent Conspiracy at FPC. 

We are excited to see what God has in store for our family of faith at FPC and hope you will join us in the work God is calling us to. There is still time to make your Stewardship pledge for 2021! Click Here to Read More about our 2020 Stewardship Season

Fall 2020 FPC Service Opportunities

1. Text “fpcjacksontn app” to 77977 . (note
the space between “tn app”)
2. Click the link provided and follow the steps.
3. Download the app and enter the provided
4. Open the app and confirm that this is your
5. Enjoy!

A Welcome from the Pastor

  • We fell in love with First Presbyterian the first Sunday we visited. Each Sunday thereafter our feeling of belonging increased because of the warm welcoming arms of the congregation; the sermons that speak directly to how we’re feeling about the state of our world and our place in it; the leaders we have seen step up in the church of all ages, genders, and cultures; the beautiful bells we can hear from our house; and the church’s historical connection to my family (y’all know how sentimental I am). This past Sunday we made it official by joining this church that already felt like home and joyfully watched as Wilder professed his faith and was baptized. What a very special day it was for our family and we look forward to growing in our beloved church for many years to come.

    Emily Dabney Taylor & Paul Taylor
    Emily Dabney Taylor & Paul Taylor

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